Table Sugar Co. is dedicated to helping you curate your table wardrobe.


I am guessing you found my shop because you were searching for pieces that fit your vintage, granny chic, grandmillennial style but you're having trouble finding all of those in one place and without empty your piggy bank. That was me, friend.

With Table Sugar Co., I hope to be your new go-to for curating your specific home decor style and curating a table wardrobe fit for any gathering- big or small. Together, let's bring something sweet to the table. 

In 2017 when my husband and I got married, I was constantly daydreaming about owning my own business. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted it to be, or what niche I was filling, but something in me was always saying I needed to do this. This photo is from our wedding day. Brett gifted me an "Open/Closed" sign encouraging me to always follow my heart and to keep working on this dream because he believed in me.


Over the next few years, I started to really step into my ultra-feminine style and home decor eventually finding the perfect term to describe it all: grandmillennial. This style is a mix of granny- chic and new traditionalist. You can read all about it below from one of my favorite decor sites, House Beautiful.

"The Rise of 'Grandmillennial' Style"

Then came 2020. So many people felt hardships that year and my husband and I were no exception. That year we both lost our jobs just a few weeks apart, both thankfully found new jobs, and then I found myself looking again going into the new year. During this "journey" (which I will politely refer to it as) I became more and more determined to make my daydream into a reality.

Finally, I am excited to share with you Table Sugar Co. A place to find home decor, gifts, and table wardrobe pieces for any grandmillennial. I can't wait to grow this brand with products primarily from women-owned businesses and see how you style them in your own homes.